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Committee Members

A committee of elected representative’s runs the Nepean Medical Association. Elections are held every two years at the Annual General Meeting. The constitution requires that the committee comprise at least one General Practitioner, one Specialist, one Junior Medical Officer and that other positions are open for any full members. A student member may be invited as an observer to the Board at the committee meetings.

The current committee consists of:

  1. Dr Michelle Crockett (President) – General Practitioner
  2. Dr Garry Harker – General Practitioner
  3. Dr John Hillman – General Practitioner
  4. Dr Sol Qurashi – Specialist
  5. Dr Raj Sunderaj – Specialist
  6. Dr Adrian Sheen – General Practitioner
  7. Dr Nick Barry – Resident Medical Officer

Jack Jacobson is the medical student observer to the board.