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20th Jul


2004 Special General Meeting

Minutes of the
Nepean Medical Association
Special General Meeting
Held on the 20th July, 2004, 1:00pm
At Dr John Bounds surgery, 33 Evans Street Penrith  

The meeting opened at opened at 1:00pm. A quorum of members were present.  The meeting was also attended by Mr Tim Millard from Berger Piepers Accountants and Yvonne Wallace, Executive Officer. Notice of the meeting was given in accordance with the Association’s constitution.

The President, Dr Barry Kroll Welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies: None received

Dr Barry Kroll presented background information supporting the following motions.

 Moved: That the Committee of President, and four committee members shall be elected every two years by postal vote
 Moved: Dr Shiva Prakash
 Seconded: Dr Michael Noel
 Moved: That no less than two general practitioners and two specialists hold positions on the committee, and if at election this cannot be achieved then the committee can appoint additional members as required without regard to their GP or specialist status.
 Moved: Dr John Bounds
 Seconded: Dr Michael Noel
 Moved: That membership of the AMA not be a prerequisite for NMA committee membership
 Moved: Dr John Bounds
 Seconded: Dr Adrian Sheen

Three proxy votes in favour of the above resolutions were also received.

Dr Michael Noel requested that Mr Tim Millard investigate the requirements for actual position Names (e.g. secretary, vice president, treasurer) within an incorporated association.
Action: Mr Tim Millard to  investigate and report back to the committee.

Other Business:

A request was made that Mr Tim Millard provide an electronic copy of the Constitution so it can readily be emailed to members if requested.
Action: Mr Tim Millard to forward an electronic copy of the Constitution to Yvonne Wallace.

A notice to be place in the next newsletter advising that minutes of all NMA Committee Meetings and electronic copies of the Constitution are available to members.

Berger Pieper to administer postal voting process for the next AGM to be held on September 11.

There being no further business the President declared the Special General Meeting of the Nepean Medical Association closed at 2:00pm

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