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6th Aug


My elective placement in India was an unforgettable educational experience, not only medically, but culturally. The hospitality I received from both the medical staff at the hospitals and clinics I attended was very warm and welcoming.

Patients in India generally present to the doctor much later than in Australia, often waiting until their symptoms are unbearable before they seek help. As a result, advanced disease at presentation is common. I was able to examine patients with very advanced rheumatoid arthritis, disfiguring skin conditions and metastatic cancer. The striking difference in the prevalence of cancer types between Australia and India was the higher number of both head and neck cancers from smoking and chewing tobacco and of cervical cancer. Unfortunately, they simply do not have the benefit of public health campaigns, nor do they have access to screening programs.

The volume of patients in each hospital I visited was overwhelming, as was the capacity of the doctors for hard work. I learned about the unique challenges of delivering health care in regions that are overpopulated and under-funded.

State of the art treatment is available to those who can afford to pay and those who can’t must rely on the goodwill of their wealthier countrymen who give of their time and resources to provide health care for the needy.

I would love to return to India one day as there is so much potential to make a difference to so many people in a place like this.

Alana Kearsley Alana Kearsley Alana Kearsley

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