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The hospital I worked at was situated at one of the most impoverished areas in the country, the North Western Province of Zambia. It is a 200-bed secondary referral facility that serves a population of over 100,000. There are 7 inpatient wards, 2 theatres along with a pharmacy and laboratory. There is an outpatient department and community-based AIDS team as well as ophthalmology program. I did 2-week rotations through 4 specialties: adult medicine, surgery, pediatrics and maternity; I also participated in physician-led outreach visits.

There are 3 permanent doctors who serve as expatriate missionaries, and 2 Zambian clinical officers. During my time I befriended the doctors and nurses and was involved in the management and care of numerous patients. It was an incredible experience being part of the team and learning on the job.  I recall one particularly memorable event where I was called in the middle of the night to assist in a breech delivery and neonatal resuscitation, the baby unfortunately did not survive. Many of such encounters gave way to discussions on issues of life, death and religion with the locals and doctors, which definitely allowed for growth on a personal and professional level.

My experience at Mukinge hospital has given me greater insight into the life of a missionary doctor, as well as a deeper understanding of the different aspects of clinical practice in an underprivileged setting. I am very thankful for the support I have received through friends, family and NMA who made this trip possible.

Genevieve Tse Genevieve Tse Genevieve Tse

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